City or country
Aidan27 y/oLive in CanadaNationality Canada
Senior Mid-Market Account Manager
2024.06-Current   Senior Mid-Market Account Manager
2024.02-2024.05   Mid-Market Account Manager
2023.06-2024.02   Mid-Market Account Executive
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Lucie30 y/oLive in TaiwanNationality France
Business manager
French and English teacher
2023.05-Current   French and English teacher
2021.07-2021.07   Sales Manager BtoB
2020.06-2020.11   Sales Manager
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Nnamdi24 y/oLive in NanchangNationality Nigeria
Sales technician
2023.07-2023.10   Sales representative
Refresh at 5 days ago
Kwame Attafuah45 y/oLive in NantongNationality Ghana
Process Technology Engineer, Sale Manager, Representative, Researcher, Teaching
2024.01-Current   Process Technology Engineer/Assistant Sale Manager (In-Charge of Africa Market)
2024.01-2024.01   PhD Student Researcher
2019.07-2019.07   Master Student Researcher
Refresh at 7 days ago
Vivian Ogheneruro41 y/oLive in NigeriaNationality Nigeria
Other sales positions
Sales Representative
2020.02-2024.06   Sales Cashier
Refresh at 11 days ago
Rachna20 y/oLive in IndiaNationality India
Digital Marketing Specialist
2024.03-Current   Digital Marketing Specialist
2023.12-Current   Sales and Marketing Coordinator
Refresh at 17 days ago
Carolina23 y/oLive in MexicoNationality Ecuador
Business Developer
2023.02-2024.05   International Sales
2023.05-2024.03   Business Developer
2021.08-2022.07   International Sales & Marketing
Refresh at 17 days ago
Vladimir45 y/oLive in RussiaNationality Russia
Business manager
Business development manager
2010.04-2022.07   Business development manager
Refresh at 21 days ago
Kelvin Obiri22 y/oLive in GhanaNationality Ghana
Medical Sales/Health Consultant
Physician Assistants
2023.09-Current   Physician Assistant
2022.05-2022.05   Part time Science and English Teacher
2016.06-2021.09   Computer Technician
Refresh at 21 days ago
Esra54 y/oLive in TurkeyNationality Turkey
Business manager
Business Analyst
2014.07-Current   Business Analyst
2024.05-2024.05   Business Analyst
2000.01-2011.07   Business Analyst
Refresh at 21 days ago
Brian30 y/oLive in KenyaNationality Kenya
Other sales positions
Guest Relations Officer
2021.06-Current   Served both as a Customer Service and Cashier
Refresh at 21 days ago
Ali Ahmet28 y/oLive in TurkeyNationality Turkey
Business manager
2020.05-Current   Çekmeköy, ISTANBUL
Refresh at 24 days ago
Kudakwashe 19 y/oLive in ZimbabweNationality Zimbabwe
Other sales positions
2023.03-2023.09   Cashier, Customer service, Sales
Refresh at a month ago
M Tahir40 y/oLive in WuxiNationality Pakistan
2018.08-2020.09   SALES MANAGER
Refresh at a month ago
Lourens 27 y/oLive in NamibiaNationality Namibia
Sales director
Sales Representative
2021.08-Current   Sales Representative
2019.01-2020.01   Admin
Refresh at a month ago
Marwa34 y/oLive in TunisiaNationality Tunisia
Overseas Sales - Arabic
2020.06-Current   Translator
2017.07-2023.06   Translator & Editor
2016.03-2017.06   Translator March 2016- July 2017
Refresh at a month ago
ABID 22 y/oLive in ChangshaNationality Pakistan
Business manager
Business manger
2022.05-2023.06   Tour manager
Refresh at a month ago
Jared24 y/oLive in United StatesNationality United States
2024.05-Current   Manager
Refresh at a month ago
Khadija20 y/oLive in BeijingNationality India
Business Development Executive
2023.03-2023.11   Business Development Executive
Refresh at a month ago
Christian23 y/oLive in KenyaNationality Rwandese
2023.12-Current   Translator
2021.07-2023.11   Finance Analyst
2020.12-2021.03   Head Translator
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Candidates for Sales Jobs

Finding candidates for sales jobs with GEOR Abroad Employment Agency involves a strategic approach tailored to identify exceptional professionals who are poised to excel in the global sales arena. GEOR specializes in matching candidates with a diverse range of sales positions, including Business Manager, Sales Director, and various other specialized sales roles. By utilizing industry-specific keywords and a nuanced understanding of the international sales landscape, GEOR ensures that sales professionals are connected with roles that not only harness their skills and experience but also resonate with their career aspirations. Through meticulous candidate profiling and proactive outreach, GEOR adeptly facilitates the seamless connection between accomplished sales professionals and an array of opportunities. With a keen focus on precision, relevance, and candidate satisfaction, GEOR Abroad Employment Agency provides a pathway for sales professionals to engage with roles that offer professional growth and contribute meaningfully to global businesses.