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New work permit for foreigners

"Foreign work visa" employment quality and introductory counseling services, service nationwide, work system registration, pre-screening information, professional Chinese and English consultants one-on-one service area.

Short-term work visa for foreigners coming to China

Those coming to China for short-term work (90 days) include training instructors, technical and R&D staff, project management managers, coaches, HR workers, etc.

New visa for foreigners to start a business

Foreign students who are willing to start their own business in Guangdong Province can apply for a residence permit for private affairs within 2 years with their graduation certificates from higher education institutions.

Change of Foreign Work Visa

This includes foreigner work permit transfer, cancellation and renewal in one step, simplified procedures, no need to leave the country again, and available in all cities in China.

Foreign company registration

One-stop foreign investment registration services, including registration of foreign companies, foreign representative offices, registered trademarks, change and cancellation agents, financial agents and bookkeeping, etc.

Other foreign affairs services

"Foreigners come to China for all kinds of public and private business. For example, consular certification and translation services related to permanent residence, visa, business, work, family visit, etc.

One-stop all-inclusive

A clear service process that saves time and effort and is convenient.

Consulting Matchmaking

Consult customer service, professional consultant matchmaking, and contract signing.

Material Matching

Prepare the information to be provided to us according to the list.

Audit processing

Check the information immediately after receiving the materials, and enter the application submission process immediately after checking for accuracy.

Completion of visa issuance

After the visa is issued, the dispatcher will arrange for it to be sent to you first to complete the service.

Foreigner work permit application classification


Class A

China's economic and social development urgently needs scientists, scientific and technological talents, international entrepreneurs, specialized special talents and other "high precision and shortage" of foreign high-end talent.
Selected for the domestic talent introduction program
that meet internationally recognized criteria for recognition of professional achievement
Tenure at leading academic institutions
Corporate executives from Fortune 500 and famous financial institutions
Famous Athletes
Wages and annual personal tax payments meet the requirements
Innovative and entrepreneurial talents, outstanding young talents

Class B

Foreign professionals who meet the requirements of the guiding catalog and positions for foreigners to work in China and are urgently needed for the development of China's economic and social undertakings
With a bachelor's degree or above
2 years and above working experience
Master's degree or above from a university in China
Graduates from top 100 universities in China
Foreign Language Teaching Staff
Foreigner managers of each enterprise
Chief Representative of Foreign Enterprise Representative Office in China

Class C

Foreign personnel who meet the domestic labor market demand and meet the national policy requirements
Foreigners employed by the State Council or by government agreement
Government agreement for foreign youth to come to China for internship
Foreigners accompanying top foreign talents in domestic service
Foreigners engaged in seasonal labor
Foreigners with special jobs such as offshore fishing
Other foreigners with job quota management
Some regions do not accept Class C visas