Compliance Recruitment

Independent Consultant

Coverage in 150 countries and regions

Securing Global Compliance

GEOR supports multi-currency payments, ensuring that your global employees are paid on time and in compliance with local social security and tax requirements.

Quick Onboarding

We manage all tax, licensing and compliance documentation to ensure your team can work quickly and compliantly no matter where they are.

Simplify the tax filing process

We will save your overseas team the time and cost of processing monthly tax returns.

Rigorous local protocols

Create, send and sign local legal contracts within days and protect your business from unnecessary risks.

Centralized contract document management

Easily view team contracts and compliance documents on the software page to help you review them quickly.

Ensure compliance with the GDPR agreement

Create and sign a GDPR and global privacy law compliant Data Processing Agreement (DPA) online.

Legal Partners

We work with a top legal team to ensure that current contracts comply with local labor laws and are updated quarterly, thus ensuring that we are on the same level as international regulation.

Easy to pay overseas salaries

Payment in multiple currencies is accepted from the employer and we take care of the exchange and payment to the employee's local bank.

Automatic invoice generation

Streamline your business processes through automation. Quickly generate electronic invoices and synchronize all your data.

We handle taxes, social security, etc.

Let our team of professionals handle the intricate details. We will handle the international finances and make sure your global employees receive their paychecks on time for the month.

One-time payment to all

Pay your entire team easily with GEOR. Our system supports bulk payments in over 70 currencies.

Extraordinary team experience

Unlock the potential of your team and ensure they enjoy a tailored benefits program in their own country/region - so they can be happy working wherever they are.

Centralized management of contracts, fees and benefits

Simplify contract management, maximize employee benefits and keep track of local holidays

Overhead, bonuses, vacation, etc.

GEOR can help any size outbound business manage its employee benefits with the perfect solution. This includes reimbursement, bonuses and leave to onboarding of new employees.

Easy setup

Help your team get onboarded quickly with our 24-hour online customer service. From updating address information to drafting and signing employment contracts, leave everything to us.

Provide excellent benefits

GEOR offers its employees around the world a benefit package that is locally competitive and in line with local conditions.

Trusted by companies and executives worldwide

"With GEOR, we recruited 48 employees in 5 countries in just 1 month. geor has been a big help in our overseas expansion and the experience of using it has greatly exceeded expectations."
Mikael Rang
Vice President of Human Resources, BGCY Group
"Using GEOR is like having a global hiring expert by our side at all times, making global hiring as easy as our local hiring. We only need to focus on our business, GEOR takes care of the rest for us."
Yuki Akiyama
Bimgoo Human Resources Director
"Compliance has always been a complex and inescapable issue for global hiring, and GEOR has solved this issue well with technology, making the whole process transparent and thorough. We no longer need to worry about compliance issues and our employees have also given us feedback that GEOR gives them a comfortable user experience."
Andrew Ellison
Wimton Logistics and Transportation manager

GEOR has a different experience

Global Payroll Automation
Automate the management of payroll. Simplify the payment process for over 70 currencies and manage your global payroll in one place.
Flexible pricing
Transparent fixed fees, with different discounts when you hire more people.
Accelerated global expansion
You no longer need to source and review local suppliers. We'll take care of everything for you within hours, including: employment contract signing and accounting for each employee's payroll, etc.
Third Party API Integration
We support the integration of various third-party HRIS and accounting software.
Local professional team
We have a team of professionals on the ground to provide you with technical support. Allowing you to better manage your staff.
Legal Assistance
When you hire employees through GEOR, we take full responsibility for ensuring that you comply with local regulations.