Business Manager in Tanzania

10K - 15K CNY per month

1~3 years
Refresh at a month ago
FoShan, Shenzhen
Job responsibilities
Job Responsibilities 1. Receive about three months of international marketing training at the Shunde headquarters of Lesso Group and Lesso Shenzhen Company; 2. In-depth study and understanding of the Group's photovoltaic and energy storage products and products in other sectors; 3. In-depth learning and understanding of relevant work processes within the group; 4. After the successful training, he was sent back to Tanzania and promoted to commercial manager, responsible for the marketing of Lesso Group in the country.
Job requirements
Qualifications 1. Tanzanian; 2. Graduated from a Chinese university from 2013 to 2023, in any major; 3. Proficient in Chinese and Chinese; 4. Excellent learning ability, able to familiarize yourself with the products of various sections of Lesso Group as soon as possible; 5. Excellent problem-solving skills, able to mobilize the group's resources to develop local business; 6. Potential to lead Lesso operations in Tanzania and its local team of 10 people.
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