What kind of schools can I teach in china

You may work as a teacher at a variety of schools in China, assisting children of all ages, from toddlers to seniors:


Primary school is a place where children learn to read and write.

Middle school is a level of education between elementary and secondary school.

The senior year in high school


Language school that is privately owned and operated (all ages).

A significant disparity exists between the working hours of public school teachers and the working hours of private school teachers in China. Working conditions and remuneration are also vastly different.

Consider the following: if you opt to work in a private language institution, you may have courses at night and on weekends, and the burden may be more than if you worked in a public school. However, you will get a greater pay as a result of your efforts.

Foreign instructors must choose from a variety of possibilities in order to get the position that best suits their needs. It is not always the case that a greater pay translates into a better job.

What is the remuneration?

The question, "How much money can I earn teaching English in China?" is one that is often posed.

Your teaching wage is determined by a variety of criteria, which include:

The kind of institution where you work as a teacher

The school's geographical location

The topics you teach The number of hours you spend Your educational background and credentials

Your own personal experience.

In general, the pay of a TEFL instructor in China varies from around 6,000 RMB to 18,000 RMB per month on a monthly basis.

It doesn't matter whether your income is at one end of the spectrum or the other; you'll still be earning more than the average local wage in most Chinese cities.

View the pay calculator for teaching in China by clicking on the link provided below.

In addition to the basic pay you'll get, there are a number of additional considerations to consider.

For example, your flight reimbursement and any performance incentives must be taken into consideration when calculating your compensation.

Because of the substantial compensation offered to foreign instructors in China, you will be able to live like a king or queen.

Please bear in mind, however, that any money you save in China will not be as valuable in your own country if you want to convert currencies there.

Teaching English in China merely for the sake of earning money is a poorly thought-out concept. The majority of individuals who opt to teach in China do so to get life-changing experience rather than to earn a lot of money.

Is it necessary for me to communicate in Chinese?

In no way, shape, or form.

You are required to communicate in English at all times while in the classroom. If you don't want to speak Mandarin Chinese outside of the classroom, you can still get by without it.

English is spoken at the metro stations, and you'll find restaurants with menus that include photographs.

Having said that, learning the Chinese numerals and a few Chinese words, preferably before you come, will make your everyday life a lot more manageable in China.

This will assist you with tasks such as ordering meals, getting about, and purchasing items at the store, among other things.

Nowadays, the younger generations in China are able to communicate in a limited amount of English. In reality, it is something that they all learn from a very early age.

If everything else fails, there's always the Google Translate app to fall back on. Make sure you have it downloaded prior to your arrival!

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