What are Chinese people like?

I realize this is a wide-ranging inquiry for which there is no one correct response. The act of summarizing a whole race of people is laden with the dangers of generalization, subjectivity, and stereotyping. I completely understand. Thoughtfully and carefully considering the subject "What are Chinese people like?" is not always a bad thing to do.

The Chinese people are known for their extreme generosity. They freely give of themselves in many ways: time, resources, and culinary delights. There have been too many extravagant meals to count, all paid for by my Chinese friends and coworkers. Paying for a group's supper at a Chinese restaurant is a huge gesture of respect. People will get into physical altercations about who has to pay the bill. The idea of "becoming Dutch" is completely foreign to them. Many high schoolers study this idiom as part of their English vocabulary. I believe that the statement is appealing to the Chinese because of the novelty of the notion and the mystery surrounding its origin (were the Dutch truly stingy?). In China, people have always been willing to take their time with me, whether it be to teach me Mandarin, assist me locate a railway station, or simply have a casual conversation. Long ago, I became friends with a Chinese grandma figure who reminded me of my own late grandmother. She had a great spirit and a great sense of humor. Even now, I am moved by her kindness. Despite her best efforts, she realized that we would never see one other again.


The Chinese are well-known for their commercial acumen.

Over the course of many centuries, China has been a pivotal player in international commerce. Chinese traders along the historic Silk Road are an excellent illustration of how Chinese goods have been exported throughout the world. The severe anti-business phase of Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution is one example of a time when the entrepreneurial spirit was stifled. Many young Chinese individuals nowadays dream of starting their own businesses. They originate not only in major urban centers like Shanghai and Shenzhen, but also in smaller urban centers. They have a positive outlook and are not afraid to make mistakes, realizing that doing so is essential to learning. Their future prospects will improve as a result of this added experience. There are more startups and microbusinesses in China than anywhere else, and a lot of them end up becoming multibillion dollar successes. In China, there are many'mobile' salesmen that operate in off-limits pedestrian zones, and I find it fascinating to watch them. When they hear the police are approaching, they hastily remove their belongings from the area and store them in portable containers, just to dump them again around the corner.

Chinese folks are known for working very long hours.

You may be familiar with the "996" work schedule, in which employees of selected companies put in nine hours a day, six days a week. It's a different discussion whether something is right or wrong. Why the Chinese work so hard may be explained in various ways, and online question and answer communities like Quora are a wonderful place to start. In Chinese culture, procrastination and failure to fulfill commitments are seen as very dishonorable. Nobody wants to be the one who lets the team down. Those responsibilities go far beyond the confines of the office. Putting in long hours at home, for instance, helps keep the lights on and provides for the kids. In China, the family is the most important institution, and people seldom disappoint their relatives.

I hope you've found this helpful, whether you're really going to China or simply curious in the Chinese way of thinking.

Interacting with Chinese people as often as possible is the greatest approach to learn to know and understand them. You'll be able to draw your own judgments after that.

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