The Best Jobs for Americans in China in 2021

If you choose to work in China, you'll discover that it may be a rewarding experience that immerses you completely in Chinese culture and way of life. As an American, you have a variety of work opportunities that pay well, even by Western standards. Simultaneously, residing in a city with reduced living costs may put you in a better financial situation. If you're wanting to save money while living in a completely different kind of culture, this may be a good option for you.

As is the case in the United States, obtaining the finest employment in China is contingent upon your education, training, and work experience. Here are some examples of occupations for expats and English speakers that are easily accessible to Americans, based on their degree, experience, and skillset:

Employment in China as a translator

Another method to discover a plethora of chances is to enhance your abilities in a sector such as intellectual property law or gaming. If you are able to translate Chinese into English for overseas customers, your abilities will be highly sought for, even more so if the subject is complicated and difficult to understand. One of the benefits of translation or interpretation employment is that you may work at your own pace and explore new possibilities around the nation.


In China's main metropolitan areas, there is tremendous interest in public relations managers and advertisements. They are searching for individuals who are capable of managing restaurants, including non-English speaking. However, the majority of demand these days is for those with an understanding of the internet and digital media. A degree in marketing, journalism or communications is one of the requirements for these types of positions.

If you have past expertise in public relations or marketing, this is a significant advantage for these roles. Foreigners have several chances and may find some of the greatest employment in China. You may earn up to $2300 to $4000 every month. Your remuneration will be determined by your qualifications and experience.

Because the majority of Chinese organizations make no difference between marketing and sales jobs, you should anticipate having some experience in both. As long as you're versatile and ready to go outside your comfort zone, you may have a chance to thrive. Western knowledge is required to generate sales for the companies. International schools, upscale clinics, and upscale real estate firms are just some of the locations that may need your expertise.

Development of software

According to some, China's GDP might increase by 10% over the next decade. Taking this into consideration, the building business may be a prosperous area in the next decades, with several attractive opportunities.

To execute this kind of work, a bachelor's degree in computer programming is required, as is three to five years of expertise in software development and engineering. SQL, Java, and UNIX experience are all significant pluses.

The need for these types of expertise is rather widespread across China. It's unsurprising that pay for English speakers in these professions in China are anticipated to increase by 7% annually, from $90,000 to $146,000.

China's legal system

Beijing has hundreds of law firms, with legal consultants for enterprises earning up to 100,000 Yuan. In the next several years, wages in this profession are expected to reach as high as 400,000 yuan. Salaries for attorneys are always increasing.


The average monthly income in the industry of advertising is roughly 2,500 yuan. If you live in a larger city such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, or Shenzhen, your monthly salary may reach 3,000. China anticipates that, as a result of continuous growth, there would be an increase in knowledge- and intelligence-based possibilities associated to technology.

Vocal Ability

Due to the enormous demand for English-learning programs and software in China, metropolitan centers are densely packed with recording studios. The labor may involve textbook exchanges, audio travel aids, film production work, or television commercials. To get higher-paying voice work, you'll need to work with an agency, build a portfolio of your work, and hone your sight-reading abilities, which may include revising bad scripts on the spot.

Advertising Leadership

For this kind of work, experience is less important than a high level of energy, passion, and desire. The field is designed for those who are enthusiastic and proactive, who approach their tasks with fervor. As international and Chinese enterprises compete in the global commercial arena, advertising agencies are always on the lookout for talented individuals to oversee large projects.


Generally, these chances are reserved for Caucasians, although there are notable exceptions. While some Western men may believe they are ordinary in terms of appeal, they may sometimes be startled to discover that their appearance is regarded in high regard nevertheless. Numerous organizations around China are seeking for European-looking individuals to appear in their advertisements or to model for different items. The greatest aspect about these kind of possibilities is that they often do not need much expertise, just strong contacts.

Additionally, there are modeling and acting possibilities. Western performers hone their abilities in China, polishing their acting technique through years of practice. While some regular foreigners, such as English instructors, may brag at being featured in a television commercial or film, the likelihood is that they are paid less. If gifted performers aspire to get higher-paying roles, they will need the proper sort of sponsor with a strong network.

The requirements are often not high; all that is required is that you be a non-Asian with previous expertise and decent appearance. Working conditions may vary depending on the kind of gig obtained. You may either work on a sound stage or in a public space. One disadvantage of this line of employment is that the pay is inconsistent; money often arrives in spurts.

Instruction in English

This is the most prevalent occupation in China. It's unquestionably the most convenient option for the majority of foreigners in China, owing to the minimal commitment, above-average compensation, and stress-free nature of the job. Numerous public and private institutions and universities are actively recruiting native English speakers to teach at all levels.

Teaching Requirements

One impediment to obtaining these employment is the necessity for a bachelor's degree and, in most cases, some form of English-teaching certification, such as the TEFL. Additionally, all jobs held by foreign nationals now need verification of a clean criminal record in China, which may be a logistical headache. Compensation is contingent upon the location, the format, and your qualifications.

You're likely to earn far more teaching in a private training facility than at a public university. In a large city, you may earn up to $2,300 each month. You may see as low as $800 per month at a university. However, with free housing and other perks, you may find yourself earning more than you would in a Western service profession.

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