Teaching in China Without A Work Visa

We at China Briefcase obtain a lot of requests from extremely professional people who are however unable to receive a correct work visa for a teaching job in China. While the need for English teachers is enormous, China might however deny your application for a Z Visa for numerous reasons. Those factors are listed below. It's also worth looking at whether it's possible to do any type of teaching in China without a work visa

China Briefcase is NOT able to aid anyone incapable to obtain a Z visa, as well as we are NOT accountable for anything that happens to you if you select to come to China unlawfully. Our solutions are for those who can get a Z Visa just. For those that can not certify, please be sure to apply to China Briefcase anyways. If you can't qualify, we can go over the following choices after that.

Reasons for a Z Visa to be Rejected

Indigenous Speaker Without a Bachelors Degree

If you are a Native English speaker, but you do not have a level (from any kind of country), you will not get approved for a correct work visa from China. If you do have that degree, and the degree itself can be authenticated in its country of origin, then you're golden-- it doesn't matter which nation it originates from. As a Native English audio speaker, you can even get your bachelors in China!

It utilized to be that native speakers without degrees might simply obtain top-quality fakes and also enter China. Say goodbye to. China calls for these points to be notarized as well as validated in your house nation.

If you don't have a level, it matters not if your English is stellar. It matters not if you have a TEFL. It does not matter if you have teaching experience. You won't have the ability to obtain a correct Z Visa.

Non-Native Speaker

If you're not a Native Speaker, you can still get a Z Visa for a non-teaching job.

However, if you want a Z Visa for a teaching job, you will certainly need to be from one of the following nations:






New Zealand

South Africa

These are all nations that China considers to be English talking. We are aware that there are other nations that have English as an official language, however nevertheless, China won't consider them. (Sorry, Jamaica/ India/ Pakistan/ Philippines/ etc.)

Inadequate Experience AND Unwilling to Get a TEFL Certificate.

If you don't have 2 years of verifiable experience in teaching, don't sweat it-- you can still overcome this obstacle by merely getting a TEFL certificate.

Nonetheless, if for some reason you do not have experience AND you hesitate to obtain the TEFL certificate, you will not qualify for the visa.

The solution here is actually noticeable-- get a TEFL. A simple 120-hour training course will not take too long, and you can have the entire thing over in a couple of months with only a few hundred bucks invested. China Briefcase is more than happy to aid you out with this.

Uneven Criminal Background Check.

If you have a rap sheet from your house country, your visa could be turned down. But not all criminal activities are produced similarly. Whether China will certainly consider you depends upon their interpretations of the gravity of your criminal activities. With any luck, there aren't any type of drug fees.

Keep in mind that occasionally the background check will certainly depend upon where it's being processed. If you were apprehended, but you never ever submitted fingerprints, and the whole point was disregarded, this possibly won't show up in federal records, but might turn up in state/county records. Plenty of depth to this issue but I will not go over below. Simply obtain the background check where you can as well as see if it's tidy. For Americans, you can not go wrong with an FBI background check or writing to your regional police station where you are lawfully a resident. Or Else, China Briefcase offers a solution to do this for you.

What Can I Do If I Don't Qualify?

There are a few alternatives below. Please keep in mind! These are all ILLEGAL. If you are captured teaching on any of the listed below plans, you will probably go to a Chinese jail, be accountable for fines of a number of thousand bucks, and also be swiftly deported from the nation. Regretfully, bigotry will certainly figure out how badly you are dealt with, with non-native audio speakers getting the toughest treatment, meaning it could be a number of months in a Chinese prison.

Visitor Visa.

This is the most typical method of teaching English in China.

It's easy. You appear to China as a traveler and take work as you please.

Nonetheless, visitor visas do not last long. Tourists are permitted to remain in China for a maximum time of 60 Days. Some visas might be even shorter than that, at 30 Days. What instructors do is they will leave the country, typically using Hong Kong or Macau, obtain their tourist visa expanded, as well as re-enter. It's a pain in the ass and also kinda pricey as well, yet this is life for numerous living in China.

Many individuals just choose to fly to those countries as well as return. Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan are all popular alternatives.

If you do not want to fly, you need to live near your intended turnoff. Shenzhen is alongside Hong Kong as well as is, for that reason, one of the most prominent selection for educators doing the tourist thing in China. One more choice is Jinmen Island, appropriate next to Xiamen.

Company or Exchange Visa

A business visa is NOT a work visa. Instead, it is for business that want to bring company individuals over to China for company objectives, like arrangements.

Lots of people obtain tricked into coming to China, assuming they are working on a true working visa when in fact they're illegally on a business visa. Getting jailed in China would be a nasty surprise for anyone, but I visualize for these individuals, who have no idea, it's the worst.

An exchange visa is similar-- it merely indicates that you're invited over to China as part of a cultural exchange. Whatever that means, it still does not suggest you can operate in China.

Once again-- you require a Z Visa to operate in China! Not anything else.

Still, these both are options for your company to sponsor you and also get you right into China. If you intend to see your employer dedicate to you prior to arriving, and don't intend to obtain a job just after you've gotten here, this is an option.

Z Visa (For Non-English Teaching Positions)

Right here's a sly choice. Rather than getting a Z Visa for teaching English, some firms are offering Z Visas to immigrants for other positions, like administration or marketing. When they come to China as well as start functioning, they are lawfully utilized by their business ... but not for teaching.

As per business visa discussed over, this a minimum of ensures your business is purchased you by preparing your visa. You still can't legitimately teach on this. There might be some shake room to prevent being jailed, however I don't know how much there is and I don't wish to find out. Yet if you must, it's a choice worth thinking about.

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