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Job responsibilities
Relevant live broadcasting experience, oral English is preferred for American voice and fluent expression. 1. Responsible for TikTok livestreaming, with venue control, rhythm and lens sense, and establish interactive atmosphere between livestreams. 2. According to the team script, introduce the live broadcast gameplay and promotion activities to fans, and interact with fans. Increase the number of fans, fan stickiness, improve product conversion rate, complete product recommendation, promotion, interaction and other live delivery work. 3. Enliven the atmosphere of the live broadcast room, guide fans to pay attention to their accounts, buy products from the store, and answer fans' questions. Actively complete the live broadcast frequency and effective broadcast duration to achieve the expected effect of live broadcast. 4. Cooperation: product short video shooting, small video creation shooting, cooperation in content dissemination. 5. Formulate monthly live broadcast plan and live broadcast sales plan together with operation, plan marketing node live broadcast scheme, plan live broadcast content, and according to live broadcast data and fan feedback, timely adjust live broadcast strategy and continuously optimize live broadcast mode and content. 6. Review and summarize after the live broadcast, summarize the advantages and disadvantages, and optimize the next live broadcast.
Job requirements
1. Foreign language level: look at certificate level, look at fluency. (Trial broadcast is available for interview with experienced small partners). 2. Strong marketing thinking and carrying skills. 3. Strong affinity, good image and temperament, strong on-site response ability, good at analyzing user needs. 4. Not pretentious, strong: sense of discipline, implementation, team responsibility, sense of purpose. 5. Live broadcast with strong rhythm and passion; 6. Strong learning ability, easy to accept new things; 1. Strong desire and ambition to make money; 7. Major in English or related is preferred, with overseas experience or overseas experience is preferred;
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