Country Manager in Dubai

50K - 60K CNY per month

5~10 years
Refresh at a month ago
United Arab Emirates
Job responsibilities
Job responsibilities: 1, According to the company's strategic objectives, develop sales strategies, responsible for the company's product sales, to ensure that the sales target is achieved; 2, Responsible for the maintenance of existing channel cooperation in the region, the formation of solid and good customer relations and enhancement; do a good job in the construction of lower level channels; new channel expansion; 3, Responsible for the region's direct sales of large customers to maintain and further expand; multi-channel development of new customers; 4, Collect all kinds of market-related information.
Job requirements
Job requirements: 1, Bachelor degree or above, 5 years and above security related work experience; resident in the Middle East sales experience is preferred; 2, Major in English or Arabic or be able to use English or Arabic proficiently, and at the same time have good communication skills in English, be able to communicate effectively with foreign customers; 3, Passionate about overseas sales, strong execution, good learning ability, communication and coordination skills and teamwork ability; 4, Familiar with international trade and foreign trade documents operation and other full set of business processes; understand the international market related policies, regulations, conventions and practices.
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GEOR Global Recruitment (Shenzhen) Ltd.
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