Can You Make a Life Long Career Teaching English in China?

The appropriate way to teach English as a Second Language in China may lead to a long and rewarding career. Currently, China is the best location for an English language school. But is teaching English in China a viable option for a long-term profession?

You can earn a very good living teaching English in China. As well, if you do it well, teaching English may be a lucrative and long-lasting profession. It's becoming easier to make ends meet in China, and a teacher's pay will allow you to do just that.

Not everyone, however, is eligible to apply for a job teaching English in China. If you want to teach English in China, you may still improve your prospects of being employed by a reputable company and earning a competitive pay by following these guidelines.

Advice for a Fulfilling and Prosperous ESL Career in China

Set professional objectives for yourself.

Aiming for something is important because it gives your life direction. Why did you decide to become an English teacher in China? After settling on a line of work, you may go on with your preparations.

If you put some thought into your professional future, you may improve your quality of life considerably by increasing your salary and giving yourself more time off.

If you're planning on making teaching English in China your life's work, it's crucial that you have a long-term professional objective. A job teaching English in China may be rewarding and lucrative if you approach it the right way.

Earn Your TEFL Diploma

Gaining your TEFL certification after completing 120 hours of training is a great first step toward a fulfilling teaching career. If you arrive in China with your TEFL certification already in hand, you'll have a much easier time finding a job and earning a higher salary. This is because employers will know that you are certified to teach English and aren't just traveling for the experience.

Pick a Niche within TEFL that Advances Your Professional Interests

You may focus on teaching English to native Arabic speakers or young learners, for example, depending on where you're headed and who you'll be working with. Getting a TEFL certification with a focus on teaching English to Mandarin speakers might be useful if you want to work in China. Your area of expertise is a strong selling point, so make sure to emphasize it throughout your job interview process at colleges.

Don't Be Shy About Submitting Applications to Multiple Top-Notch Institutions

The TEFL certification is not required to begin the application process. While enrolled in the 120-hour TEFL course, I was offered my first teaching position in the English language.

Apply to as many jobs as possible to increase your chances of being hired. Applying to more than one institution increases your flexibility since you'll have more employment offers from which to pick the greatest fit.

Prepare questions, investigate the university and its location, and dress properly for the interview to make a good impression.

Exhibit a Modest Degree of Adaptability and Acceptance

A lifetime career teaching English in China requires you to be adaptable and open to new ideas.

Although culture shock is to be expected, if you go into teaching English as a second language in China with an open mind and heart, you will be able to swiftly adjust to the local environment and have great success.

Gain Valuable Experience

You should be prepared for the possibility that your first job may not be in the location of your choice or pay as much as you would want. Prioritize experience gains above all else in the beginning, particularly your first year. There will be more employment openings if you've been in the workforce for a while and accumulated some experience.

With some classroom experience and the right credentials, you may work at a private international school in a major metropolitan area.

Establish rapport with your superiors and coworkers.

If you want to establish a lifelong career out of teaching English in China, networking is essential.

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