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According to Chinese government regulations, the Foreign Experts Bureau (FEB) in China has rigorous requirements for hiring foreign teachers. Teachers must be native English speakers with a Bachelor's degree or above. They must also have a clean criminal record. Only under these conditions will they be able to satisfy the criteria and lawfully obtain a work visa in China.

You may have heard of non-natives being employed to teach in China. Some companies request a favor from the FEB in order to hire non-natives.

Is it permissible to teach in China without a degree, either as an intern or as a student?

No, it isn't. You cannot get legal job status if you do not have a degree, even if you are a natural English speaker. Some recruiters may convince you that everything is OK or that they have an arrangement with the local authorities. It is not true that you may lawfully teach if you have a business or student visa.

Can non-native English instructors obtain a work visa in China?

They certainly can.

Non-native English speakers must have a Bachelor's degree and/or a Master's degree, as well as other criteria identical to native and non-native English teachers, according to the Foreign Experts Bureau (FEB).

Can non-native English teachers get a work visa to teach English in China?

The FEB will not provide a work visa for the purpose of teaching English to non-native English speakers. Since 2019, you can't teach English even if you hold a bachelor's and/or master's degree from an English-speaking nation. You can teach different topics or work as a university professor.

Schools might attempt applying for work permits under a non-teaching category to enhance the likelihood of the FEB awarding a work permit to the instructor. Typically, schools will provide you with a working visa as a manager/assistant. You will, of course, be employed as a teacher. This technique typically necessitates a bachelor's degree and at least two years of full-time professional experience.

It all relies on the desire of employers and the FEBs in various cities. Second and third-tier cities, like as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Suzhou in Jiangsu province, are less stringent than first-tier cities. Please keep in mind that you might still be denied a work permit.

Do I still need to have my police background check and Bachelor's degree notarized if I have a non-teaching work permit?

Yes, the procedure is similar, and you must still notarize both the police background check and the degree with the Chinese embassy.

Is it true that Chinese customs agents have the authority to search my phone/WeChat account if they suspect I am breaking the purpose of my visit?

Yes, they may, and if they discover that you are violating the objective of your visit — for example, by examining your communications with your prospective employer – they will deny you entry.

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