Leader of Creator Management&IPM

10K - 15K CNY per month

1~3 years
Refresh at 11 days ago
Job responsibilities
1. Overall coordinating the signing and commercialization of Celebrities and KOLs under the company's TikTok MCN business; 2. According to the company's business development goals, formulate plans and rules for singing of celebrities, KOLs and talents. 3. According to the company's business development goals, plan and implement related staffing plans, expense plans, performance appraisal standards and other management work; 4. Lead the team to formulate a system for managing talents, including discovering, incubating and signing high-quality, and gradually improve the talents matrix; 5. 5. Lead the team to complete the training and assessment for talents, achieve performance goals, and optimize the traffic structure by performance reviewing; 6. Cooperate with the colleagues of the commercialization team to complete the related work of traffic monetization, including but not limited to sponsored contents, short video or live-stream E-commerce delivery, offline activities, etc.
Job requirements
Must Comply: 1. Bachelor degree or above, English must be able to be used as a working language; 2. More than 5 years of work experience, of which more than 3 years of MCN operation experience, more than 1 year of team management experience; 3. Deep understanding of Talents signing and incubation methodology; 4. Understand the ecology of short video or live-stream E-commerce industry, and have their own cognition and ideas for the future of the industry; 5. High sensitivity to short video and live e-commerce content, and provide the team with the direction of outputting high-quality content; Soft Skills: 1. Excellent language communication skills, negotiation skills, adaptability, organization and coordination skills; 2. Good professional habits, work responsibility, self-management awareness and strong resistance to pressure; 3. Good at thinking, good at dismantling complex problems, good at finding problems from data, good learning ability and understanding ability Plus Bonus: 1. Overseas study and living background, understand the culture of the destination country, and be able to manage local employees well; 2. Have experience in overseas live broadcast platforms and brokerage companies, and resources with overseas MCNs are preferred; 3. Experience in building overseas local teams is preferred; 4. Able to speak Indonesian or Thai or Vietnamese; If you are not familiar with the following, we can share with you to quickly realize the transformation from Chinese MCN to overseas MCN, but you need to have strong adaptability and learning ability: - Familiar with Indonesia/Thailand/Vietnam/Philippines local entertainment circle or creators circle - Familiar with various online and offline channels to promote, familiar with the play method of YT, Ins, FB, TT platform - Familiar with the ecology and data of TikTok short videos and live streaming
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