Electric Engineer

15K - 20K CNY per month

3~5 years
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Job responsibilities
1、Responsible for the electrical support of the early project and the formulation of the electrical plan; 2、Responsible for making project electrical purchasing list and system electrical operation manual; 3、Responsible for the design and commissioning of the electrical control of the field system, and issue the time schedule and responsibility control of the electrical integration; 4、Responsible for directing electricians to carry out electrical integration of electrical cabinets and systems; 5、Responsible for system electrical debugging problems and feedback and tracking; 6、Responsible for the cost control of the system electrical commissioning process; 7、Obey the work arrangement of leaders, complete the work strictly according to the requirements of quality and quantity。
Job requirements
1、Have a certain degree of automation and robot engineering project design ability, drawing ability; 2、Familiar with common PLC communication system configuration ability, familiar with external equipment control programming ability; 3、Familiar with the characteristics and selection of common electrical components and sensors; 4、The ability to coordinate more than one type of robot in the field; 5、Have certain experience in project management and field equipment debugging。
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