Working as a foreigner in China

You're an expat who's just arrived in China and is going to start working. Congratulations, then! It's going to be a wild ride. Your company's HR department may not be able to address all of your queries when you arrive in China for work, even if they have the best of intentions.

I've heard it's tough to secure a work visa in China. Why can't I simply use a tourist or student visa to get a job while I'm here?

In the spring of 2017, China made it significantly more difficult for foreigners to get a work permit by updating its work visa requirements. These laws were updated in order to exclude unskilled, low-level employees, which regrettably included a large portion of English instructors and other young and adventurous foreigners who wanted to live and work in China..

There are few exceptions to the rule when it comes to working in the United States illegally, but this is no longer a good idea given how often the government is enforcing immigration laws. Those who are discovered to be working illegally are often detained for a few weeks before being deported and banned from returning for at least five years. The most important thing to remember is to have your visa and permissions in place before you begin working in China.

What can I do as a freelancer after I have my visa?

As a result, your employment and residency permits are only valid for a single company, and only one company. As a result, it is illegal to engage in any side work. However, certain professions are more susceptible to government inspection than others. There is no need to panic if you're not teaching or writing in English.

While working in China, will I be covered by my employer's insurance? What's the big deal about a housing fund, anyway?

All Chinese businesses are required by law to provide social security benefits to their workers. Pension, medical, unemployment, maternity, and work-related injury insurance are all included in what are referred to as "the five insurances.".

Because of the high cost of public healthcare in China, some corporations may even provide their staff with private medical insurance.

It's important to keep in mind that insurance is only accessible if you are working legally in the nation. One additional thing to bear in mind is that the money you contribute to China's pension fund is typically only accessible if you have paid into the system for at least 15 years and retire in China. Because most expats leave before that occurs, you can theoretically get all of the cash you're entitled to before you leave the country.

It's a sort of insurance that isn't included in the five statutory ones (though no less statutory). A portion of your earnings will be withdrawn each month and placed into a housing fund. Your location, monthly income, and employer all have a role in how much you pay in taxes. The good news is that your company will reimburse you for any deductions from your compensation.

Another wonderful thing is that this money may be taken if you purchase an apartment in China or ask to have it paid out quarterly (RMB4,500), which will add a great bonus to your normal pay.

Eid/Hanukkah/Thanksgiving/Christmas Would I be able to take time off?

Absolutely not. All Chinese public holidays and five days of state-mandated vacation time are given to most foreigners working in China. For teachers in China, however, additional time off is more likely if they work in public or foreign schools. Despite this, training centers will differ greatly.

However, how can I transfer my work visa to a new position?

The procedure of transferring a work and residence visa in China is time-consuming, although not nearly as time-consuming as the process of gaining them. Do bear in mind, though, that all the laws governing who you may work for are based on the QR code on your work permit.

If you're moving jobs in China, it's best to leave the transfer procedure up to the two HR departments. Make sure you leave your previous employer on good terms, otherwise your release letter may be held hostage or vanish altogether. You need a release letter to transfer your work permit. The visa application procedure must be restarted if you don't have one.

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