What’s it like to live & teach English in China

It is absolutely necessary for you, in your role as an English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor in a foreign nation, to have a comprehensive understanding of the etiquette and culture of the nation's classrooms, as these may be very different from what you are used to experiencing in your own country. When adapting to a new environment, teachers of English as a second language (ESL) need to demonstrate patience and kindness toward their students.

Classroom & work culture

When compared to the standard academic routine, Chinese students often see their classes with foreign English teachers as a refreshing change of pace. They are anticipating that you will be more chill, approachable, and engaging than the other lecturers they have had in the past.

When it comes to teaching, teachers are given the opportunity to be much more hands-on with their students. According to the paper, it is predicted that non-Western educators would bring "new and imaginative Western learning methodologies" into the classroom. In the event that you are recruited, you will be responsible for a number of responsibilities, including but not limited to the development of new games, the testing environment's diversification, and the experimentation with novel teaching techniques.

In China, things are often completed at the very eleventh hour. Even though each school is unique, there is always a possibility that schedule conflicts might lead to communication breakdowns. If you are able to adjust rapidly, it will be much simpler for you to transition into a new role.

The acceptable manner to carry oneself when visiting a another nation.

As a kind of greeting, many people in China may offer a handshake, wave, or nod to the person they are speaking with. If you are a foreigner in China, the locals are more inclined to shake your hand since they associate the gesture with a Western greeting. When you are in a business setting, using both hands to pass out documents and business cards is a great way to ensure that you create a positive first impression. Even if it wasn't your intention, this will absolutely blow the minds of your employees.

The following is a list of other cultural considerations:

When you enter a Chinese household, you are expected to remove your footwear. You should consider purchasing a pair of slippers since this tradition is strictly adhered to, which is one of the reasons why you may want to do so.

When writing someone's name, you should never use red ink since it looks unprofessional. For obvious reasons, colors like red are considered to be awful omens, and this hue is considered to be one of those colors. This is a typical mistake made by teachers who lack expertise when it comes to judging the tasks that students have turned in.

There are several cultures in which the number four is associated with unluckiness. When they hear the numeral "4" instead of the letter "si," a lot of people think it's the word "death" because of how close the sounds are (si, this time pronounced with a rising tone). Some constructions will go straight to the fifth level without even bothering to identify the fourth level first.

According to the practices of many different cultures, it is considered unhealthy to swallow phlegm. Be prepared to see a significant amount of spitting.

First-time visitors to China will almost probably be exposed to conversations that are so loud that they make them want to scream. Do not make any assumptions; this is just the way things are done in the world of business.

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