What to expect of work life in China

If you choose to work in China, you will be surrounded by kind and pleasant coworkers. The excitement of meeting someone from another nation still exists even in firms that are accustomed to having foreign employees and will be delighted to chat about the contrasts in your cultures and experiences with you.

Long work hours are common in Chinese businesses, yet this may come off as annoyingly inefficient at times. People in many companies take a 90-minute lunch break and then go home for the day, but many returns to work late at night to finish all they started. Chinese workplaces are likewise known for their rigid, unyielding hierarchies. Foreign workers' willingness and capacity to be accommodated by Chinese employers, according to Mr Frank's experience working there, vary greatly. A foreigner serving as the organization's leader has been a huge asset, according to one employee.

As a last word of caution, Mr Frank urged international workers to be wary of firms that "drag their feet on visas and other requirements." The gray zones in China that used to allow foreigners to work are rapidly diminishing, so this is quite perilous. If you're thinking about working in China, make sure your prospective company is up to date on the documentation required to apply for a work visa.

Annual leave rules in China seem extremely strict when compared to those in the West. Every year, there are 10 days of national holidays, and on top of that, most employees get five days of annual vacation. Working for a Chinese corporation means that western holidays like Christmas aren't celebrated, making it tough to spend the holidays with family back home. Foreign employees may be eligible for organizations with more generous annual leave policies, however the trial period during which you are not eligible for any annual leave may last for a period of up to one year.

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People from other countries who come to work in China typically experience culture shock. Some expats are offended by the widespread usage of the word "foreigner" in China.

If your Chinese isn't up to snuff, the foreigner/local divide is even more pronounced. The reason for this is because in many companies, Chinese and foreign employees have lunch separately, whether it's because they like different foods or because they don't want to waste their lunch break practicing their English skills if you haven't bothered learning Chinese. In addition, it's important to keep in mind that Chinese employees are often underpaid compared to their international counterparts for comparable positions, which might influence their social choices.

Many foreigners who live and work in China do not speak the language. Big cities like Beijing and Shanghai make this easier, but even there you'll have a hard time if you just know how to communicate in English. It is more common for a foreigner to hold a top position in China without understanding Chinese since their work experience is deemed significant enough and they can afford to employ local assistants/translators.

If you want an entry-level job in China, you need prepare by mastering the fundamentals first. Working in China has the benefit of being highly efficient when placing orders or having items produced. According to Ms Cundale, "you can virtually organize any purchase and delivery throughout the nation from your phone," she adds. "However, since it's entirely in Chinese, it's a bit challenging if you don't know the language very well."

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