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China, on the other hand, produces employment that may not be needed in the West. You shouldn't misunderstand me when I say that there are many millions of Chinese professionals in the West who are well-known. However, there are many vocations in China that are downright bizarre.

'Face jobs,' for example, are one kind of this. Many Chinese corporations establish roles specifically for foreigners because they believe that having a foreign face associated with their company lends legitimacy to it. These positions sometimes come with substantial remuneration and absolutely no responsibility.

It's also because Chinese culture places an emphasis on close family relationships, so firms occasionally create extra positions solely to accommodate an unemployed family member or a jobless family friend. So without further ado, here are China's 7 most surprising occupations.

The Granny Police are here to help.

Think of them as China's morality police or cultural custodians! The Granny Police aren't like other law enforcement agencies. Instead of going on the search for criminals, they don't have firearms or even wear uniforms. They're there to make sure the residents of their communities don't cross any moral or cultural lines.

Before 2016, most Chinese families were restricted to having only one kid, and everyone was obliged to be where they were supposed to be and do what society wanted them to do. Granny police make sure that young people respect the elderly and that couples do not have too many children. Granny police, who are made up of both men and women, serve as a stark reminder that the government is constantly on guard.

Executives that aren't real

Ex-pats residing in China now have a profitable source of income while having a unique and bizarre profession, as Chinese enterprises attempt to build for the cameras a varied brand image by hiring more and more white men as phony executives. When you're a phony executive, you spend your days dressing up as a businessman and going to meetings, banquets, and other public events as if you were one.

However, being a Caucasian foreigner in China does not obligate you to pose as a fictitious company leader. You may become a successful business leader in China by starting your own company or partnering with an existing Chinese firm. There aren't many obstacles for European and American investors when it comes to forming a China firm these days. You will, however, need the assistance of a Chinese PEO if you do not have adequate knowledge of the Chinese business registration processes (or Mandarin for that matter).

False Lover Relationships

Given the importance of close family relationships in Chinese culture, it seems strange for a young adult to celebrate the Spring Festival (or any other holiday) alone in their hometown. Due to the enormous pressure on young women to marry as soon as feasible, professional women often contemplate hiring a stand-in lover for social functions in order to maintain their "face."

Queuers in the Know

Bureaucracy may be draining at times, particularly if the system is broken and individuals are pressed for time. A professional queuer was born from this need. People in China are already engaging professional queuers to wait in line for them at banks or healthcare facilities, at Apple shops, railway stations, designer boutiques, and so on.

Even restaurants engage professional queuers to wait in line for hours on end, hoping to get people talking on social media and therefore garner more customers.

Fake Tragedy Victims

fake mourners are those who are paid to weep at a funeral to give the appearance that the deceased was well-liked and loved by the general public This Chinese custom has gotten significant attention in the media due to the fact that family members may be unable to attend the funeral otherwise. Families have been known to pay roughly EUR 350 for actors to mourn, lament, and weep in front of the community as a public display of sorrow (USD 400).

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