Top Cities in China to Teach English

A long time in the making, but here it is. In order to find the best teaching job in China, the first step is to decide where you want to work. According to the Tiers, these are the finest cities in China to teach English. It doesn't matter what your goal is in ranking these cities; they might all be ranked among the best in China.

The best Tier 1 cities.

There are only three or four Tier 1's in this category, therefore the term "best" is deceptive. Chengdu and Tianjin are both considered Tier 1 cities by some, but others consider Chengdu to be Tier 1. Similarly, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are sometimes regarded as Tier 1 cities.

All of the Tier 1s in this area are well-positioned to serve as teachers. In Tier 1's, China's need for English instructors is more clearly shown than everywhere else in the country.


Many foreigners who have lived in Beijing tell me that it is the finest city in China to live in. When it comes to embracing other people's ideas, I find it difficult. The air pollution in Beijing varies greatly throughout the year, from icy cold to sweltering hot.

However, Beijing has a lot to offer. First and foremost, the vibrant expatriate community in the area. Additionally, the local expat population is home to the greatest number of Chinese speakers who are extraordinarily proficient in the English language.

There are several non-trade-related possibilities available in the city. Non-profit employment, research, and the like may be found in plenty in Beijing if you so want. This is China's political epicenter, and you won't be disappointed by the wealth of opportunities available. As for getting into commerce, though, Guangzhou or Shenzhen are better options.

Teaching English is a rewarding career choice. You'll be able to locate just about every kind of teaching job you're looking for right here. In addition, the salary is excellent.


Teachers flock to Shenzhen for a variety of reasons. The convenience of renewing your visa in Hong Kong at the drop of a hat is a major factor. People on tourist visas would be able to prolong their stay in China almost forever if this were implemented.

In addition, it is China's highest-earning metropolis. Here, a 30,000-a-year career is within your reach.

However, beware - it also has the highest housing expenses in the country. Beware. This city also has some of China's worst traffic, especially if you live in the center of the city.

As a result, there is a lot of rivalry for English-teaching positions. It's rare for me to have difficulty securing employment at a university in this location. Shenzhen University required me to undergo a quite extensive interview procedure, which isn't typical elsewhere.

Even though it's hot most of the year, there are times when it's downright chilly. Humidity exacerbates the issue. The issue is exacerbated further by the predominance of large windows in nearby apartments. If you don't have an air conditioner, utilize it to blast hot air; otherwise, no central heating.

As many businesses and freelancers as English instructors populate the region, which is home to a large expat population, Your favorite foreigner hangout will be just around the corner. If you have overseas customers, keep in mind that you'll have to pay more.

A notable absence from Shenzhen's cultural landscape is the presence of a pronounced sense of history. To put it another way, it's because this city is only 30 years old. A fishing community had been there before.

In an effort to make Mao Zidong's communist reforms seem more like capitalism, Deng Xiaoping designated the city of Shenzhen as a free market. As a result, the city is currently renowned as the world's most skyscraper-filled metropolis. This has the drawback of making it difficult to grasp the city's history unless you've lived in the vicinity for some time.

In Shanghai, worldwide glamor reigns supreme. It's the best way I can express it.

To put it another way, Shanghai is China's "most international city," attracting businesspeople from across the globe. In many ways, the city's culture reflects this. A lot relies on whether you want to live in a place like this, whether or not you'll like life in Shanghai.

If you're looking for an exciting city to visit, go no further than Shanghai, which is far older than Shenzhen and filled with its own unique culture.

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