Non Teaching Jobs in China

Contrary to common opinion, not all foreigners in China are English instructors. In this glimpse beyond the chalkboard, I present you a few alternative careers for foreigners in China along with some advice on what they pay and how to locate them.


The entertainment sector is one of the fastest expanding career categories for foreigners in China. Confined to the larger, more established cities only a few years ago, music careers for foreigners are increasingly making a presence in smaller places as well. As with other employment for foreigners in China, your success in this area will rely on a balance of skill, experience and opportunity.

Singers and DJs with performing experience in their home countries should naturally anticipate bigger wages and chances than those trying to make their breakthrough in China. A DJ with the correct qualifications may make thousands or even tens of thousands of RMB during a weekend. Others, who might best be characterized as "passionate amateurs”, may take home a few hundred for the same duration or perhaps just a couple of complimentary drinks from the bar.

Finding job in China’s music business is not as rational or systematic a procedure as you would expect to find in other more 'professional' sectors. At the lowest end of the spectrum, musicians may answer advertisements in the classified section of local expat publications and websites or litter pubs and clubs with their fliers/CVs. At the highest end of the range, performers will be hired from overseas, generally to play at hotels or clubs for a six-month season. These are the music occupations most likely to come with a visa.

Modeling & Acting

Just as in the music industry, most of the modeling and acting employment on offer to foreigners in China is of a fairly casual character. Many day jobs are paid “under the table.”

Like music, how much you may make depends on your expertise and reputation. A good reputation in the West will get you a better pay and maybe a visa.

Long-term and casual modeling and acting gigs are readily discovered on expat websites or through word of mouth. Being a “foreigner with blond hair” is often enough. In other cases, companies may need performers to speak fluent Chinese or have a certain height, weight, and facial look. Searching for models or voice actors may lead to long-term partnerships for scouts in places populated by foreigners, notably colleges.

Roles in Management

Traditionally, big international corporations with a presence in China had their managerial posts filled by their Western headquarters. However, with visas and inbound travel remaining a problem, many enterprises are turning to expatriates already residing in China. By recruiting locally, businesses also save money on relocation and the potential performance decrease induced by hiring someone who has to adapt to Chinese work culture.

These positions tend to concentrate on sales, marketing, and production. Comparatively, they provide significantly greater stability and security, almost definitely in the shape of full-time work with a full visa and a good pay. Pay varies per firm, but 25,000 RMB is a good starting point.

Finding such work is simple. Recruiters that see your CV online may contact you personally or post them on expat and recruiting websites. But getting them isn't nearly that simple. Experience, certifications, and occasionally Mandarin abilities are required for this level.

Lingo Jobs (Other than English)

As more foreign corporations and students visit China, and Chinese businesspeople and students go abroad, there is a rising need for language skills in China. However, with Chinese enterprises increasingly conducting business all over the world, English isn't the only language in demand. Native speakers of various languages may be hired to train employees, deal with foreign clients, or write content.

Because demand for occupations in other languages is smaller than for English, job possibilities may be restricted and competition may be intense. There may be a few full-time employment for natural Russian, Spanish, French, or German speakers, but you'll need additional talents like sales or teaching to stand out. Permanent jobs may be found on job boards, whereas informal tutoring is more likely to be found via word of mouth.

So there you go. Proof that not all Chinese expats teach English.

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