Ningbo Expat Life

The Lishe International Airport in Ningbo serves the city and the province of Zhejiang. Ningbo is located at the crossroads of two railway lines, one extending south to Wenzhou and the other west to Hangzhou, with high-speed trains connecting it to other major Chinese cities, so expats relocating to Ningbo should have no problem getting there.

Suppose you're taking a cab inside Ningbo. In that case, it's a good idea to write your destination in Mandarin because the drivers don't speak English. Bus travel is a cheap method to go about the city and beyond, although destination boards and stations are only in Mandarin, so familiarity with the route and timetable is required.

Because foreign driving licenses are not recognized in Ningbo, expatriates who wish to drive a car must pass a written test. However, you may simply rent an e-bike with an electric motor or pedal under your own power.

Even for a seasoned expat, relocating to a new nation with language and cultural variables to consider is a complex process, but support is frequently accessible via the HiredChina website. Friendly and experienced people who live in China or have lived there in the past can provide valuable ideas and guidance to get around a specific difficulty.

Working in Ningbo

Ningbo's deepwater port is the world's second-biggest, making the city a worldwide export and commercial powerhouse. Ningbo is a significant manufacturing city that produces electrical products, textiles, and industrial tools, but its rise as a hotbed of high-tech innovation has strong international ties. Foreign institutions have established campuses in Ningbo, eager to take advantage of the city's expertise and research capabilities while also developing cross-cultural relations with China.

An expatriate working in Ningbo may frequently be assigned a Chinese mentor by their company to assist with any language and cultural issues, but as a HiredChina member, you can locate and meet other expatriates in Ningbo to enjoy a diverse social scene.

Wherever feasible, HiredChina encourages members to create local organizations to make use of the various cultural, social, and sports opportunities available in Ningbo and its surroundings. With so many different cuisines available in Ningbo, expats working there may dine out with like-minded people and their partners frequently without becoming bored!

A pleasant and easy city to live in

Ningbo is well-served by public transportation; there are two metro lines, with four more under development, and taxis are numerous. A 33-kilometer-long sea bridge, one of the world's longest, has made it simple to travel from Ningbo to Shanghai, while high-speed railways connect Ningbo to towns all across China. Many domestic airports are served by this airport.

Bars and taverns abound in the ancient Laowaitan district, which was formerly home to British and Dutch tradesmen. Most of them sell international and local beers and occasionally feature live music. Ningbo offers a wide range of nightlife options, from dive bars to Irish pubs, dance clubs to luxury cinemas.

While English signage are common, only the younger generation is fluent in the language. This isn't an issue, though, because most businesses, stores, and public agencies have someone who can assist you in English.

The landscape surrounding Ningbo is beautiful, and there are many temples and pagodas to see. There are also several public parks in the city, as well as easy access to the scenic Dongqian Lake, which is located on the southern outskirts of Ningbo and surrounded by mountains.

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