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Managing Chinese employees, like many other workplace problems, may be risky for foreigners. Chinese growth has been aided by international investment and labor. By allowing large multinational firms and smaller foreign-owned businesses, China has altered its economy at an unprecedented pace. Despite these gains, hundreds of international enterprises encounter everyday communication and cultural challenges. It is critical for expat managers and their organizations to understand the local business and cultural settings. Here are five management recommendations for China.

Recognize Corporate Culture

In today's globalized world, cultural differences exist in Chinese-foreign collaborations, and recognizing them is critical to success.

Professionalism, as we know it in the West, is one notable exception. It's not uncommon to observe multinational firm workers in China wearing cartoon t-shirts and jeans, resting for an hour after lunch, and making loud personal phone conversations.

While these transgressions may appear shocking to a newcomer, local managers seldom enforce them due to the Chinese work culture's emphasis on performance above personal habits or conduct. Indeed, as a foreign manager in China, it may be in your best advantage to overlook minor details and concentrate on staff production.

Know the Educational System

The Chinese education system is undoubtedly another major cultural difference. While critical thinking is fostered in other countries, Chinese youngsters are taught from an early age to blindly obey their superiors.

Workplaces adopt these one-dimensional working practices. Foreign managers frequently complain that Chinese personnel would prefer complete a job than disclose a problem they found along the way. People in China are conditioned not to challenge authority, even to the point of wasting time rather than raising a problem with their superior.

Because of this respect for authority, foreign managers in China seldom have their commands questioned by subordinates. The negative is that firms here don't get constructive criticism or a venue for individual viewpoints.

That doesn't mean you can't improve critical thinking and foster a more open workplace; it'll simply be a tough fight against some powerful cultural influences.

Praise in public, chastise in

Embarrassment is one of the most often referenced Chinese cultural themes. In business, respecting individuals in public is important to the Chinese.

As a foreign manager in China, this entails avoiding unnecessary peer shame. Praise publicly and chastise privately.

Know Your Environment

Not all workplace issues in China are cultural. It's also critical to be aware of local company regulations.

Starting and running a company in China involves a lot of paperwork. While your firm has likely recruited local workers to handle these administrative issues, it is in your best interest to understand as much as you can about your industry's standards. You don't want to get into a contract dispute with your HR manager or have your accountant question your knowledge of local tax rules.

Learn the rules as fast as possible so you can keep track of everything you supervise.

Relationships with People

With all the debate about cultural differences, it's easy to forget that China is made up of over a billion people living diverse lives.

In China, getting to know your colleagues is the greatest approach to build strong working relationships. You may ask whether they've eaten (a popular Chinese greeting), if they're dressed appropriately for the weather (a common method to show affection), or even inquire about their love life, parents, and residence. Managers and workers often ask each other such questions.

In the West, managers may offer to pay for an employee's job-related training. In China, however, the employees may see you as exploiting their efforts. But if you show them that you care about them personally, they will be inspired.

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