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When compared to other nations, China is one of the safest in the world to live as an expat. Major crimes are very uncommon, which means that violent crimes against tourists are also uncommon. Every big city has an abundance of police officers and closed-circuit television cameras to ensure the safety of its residents.

Even in major cities and at odd hours, it seems very safe to be out and about in China. This might be unnerving for newcomers, particularly those coming from nations or places with higher than average crime rates.

Obviously, there is no universal standard for risk. Your identity and demeanor will have a significant impact on your experience overseas. Like any other country, China has its own set of regulations, which you must abide by if you want to avoid trouble.

The only serious dangers for foreigners in China are petty crime and unpleasant frauds. All foreign visitors and residents in China should be aware of the following scams.

Never think that the mention about China's high salary implies that you can become rich quick by moving there. The local work culture is traditionally characterized by strict hierarchies and hard workdays. Good news: Westerners automatically get a better social status rating at work.

You can make a comfortable living with a reasonable amount of effort in China, but if you aim for the top, you'll need to put in the slog. Whether you're moving to China for a job in teaching, marketing, trading, or technology, it's important to do some background checking on your potential company. Even among roles with certain similarities, your actual work environment will have a significant impact on your development.

What you need to know about China's work culture

China's workplaces are not immune to the effects of internal politics, which play a major role in the workplace in China as they do in most other nations. Experienced foreigners accustomed to discussing methods and sharing ideas in the workplace may find the traditional culture of not questioning directives from the top frustrating. Speaking out against the boss in China, however, may lead to problems with both subordinates and superiors. That's just one example of the various cultural quirks you'll need to account for in the workplace.

Work over the normal eight-hour day is prohibited by most jurisdictions. In practice, however, significant deviations from the letter of the law are not uncommon. In China, working overtime is seen as a badge of honor.

Building and maintaining professional relationships is essential in any industry, but in China, this is known as "guanxi." Guanxi isn't just something you use to get what you need; it's something you should actively cultivate and improve upon. In China, a person's guanxi is fostered by reciprocal invites, socializing, gift giving, and even short travels. One risks coming out as self-absorbed and, god forbid, overly individualistic if they choose to ignore it.

Taking credit for a successful endeavor is as frowned upon as neglecting the importance of guanxi. The value of humility in the Chinese workplace is far higher than its Western counterpart. As a result of one's success, the whole group benefits.

Notwithstanding the above, however, meek employees seldom succeed in a Chinese company. If you're too easygoing and nice, your supervisor can take advantage of you. Finding a middle ground between respect given and respect received is essential for success in the job. The former is better accomplished in seclusion, while the latter calls for a public forum. If you learn the importance that the Chinese place on maintaining face, you'll understand why it's not a good idea to criticize your boss in front of the whole office.

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