Technical Service Engineer

20K - 25K CNY per month

Unlimited experience
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Job responsibilities
1. Responsible for product program promotion; 2. Responsible for providing product technical services to account managers; 3. Responsible for collecting technical requirements of customers, analyzing technical requirements, and providing solutions to customers; 4. Responsible for the preparation of technical documents for contracts and prototypes and the company's internal process affairs; 5. Responsible for guiding the implementation of on-site projects; 6. Responsible for solving on-site technical problems for customers and implementing on-site projects; 7. Responsible for providing customers with technical services and training in product function, use, product inspection and other aspects.
Job requirements
1. Majoring in communication engineering, electronic information, automation, electrical engineering, instrumentation, computer and other engineering; 2. Russian and Chinese can be used as working languages, if the professional background is very suitable for Russian, can also relax to be fluent in English communication; 3. Work place in St. Petersburg, can travel form; 4. Professional graduates can also have technical support and product manager experience is preferred.
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