Is China good for expats?

Exciting and difficult are two words that describe moving to China for many people. Expatriates benefit greatly from interacting with individuals from this rich and diverse culture, as they get a new perspective on the world and the people around them.

Due to linguistic and cultural differences, it is also a site of major difficulties that are inhibited. Many expatriate organizations exist to assist foreigners in adapting to the culture and making new acquaintances.

People are choosing to relocate to China more often because of the country's booming economy and bright future. Some Westerners make a living by teaching English, while others are employed by international corporations on a temporary or permanent basis.

It takes a long time for almost all of them to get used to life in China, and many of them return home after realizing that China is not the place for them. It doesn't matter how things turn out; spending time in such an unusual society will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

China's cost of living

In China, it's common for people to misunderstand the expense of living there. Although China has made significant progress, the majority of its citizens continue to live in substandard conditions as the nation continues to expand. However, because of the low tax rates and greater incomes granted to expatriates compared to locals, many of them enjoy a better level of life in Singapore than they did in their home country.

According to the 2012 Mercer cost of living study, the cost of living in China's largest cities grew, and Chinese cities remained among the world's most expensive places to live. Shanghai ranked 16th in China's most expensive cities, followed by Beijing in 17th place. See our Shanghai expat guide or our Beijing expat guide for complete data on the costs of living you may anticipate to spend as an expatriate in China.

70 percent of China's population speaks Mandarin (Putonghwa, based on Beijing dialect), whereas Yue (Cantonese), Wu, Minbei, Minnan, and other minority languages are spoken by the rest of the country's population. The importance of English as a business language is rising steadily.

Because of its vastness, China experiences a wide range of climates. The northern hemisphere features short summers and frigid winters. There are lengthy and humid summers with high temperatures in the center section of the Yangtze River basin. Temperatures may dip below freezing throughout the winter months. There are long and scorching summers in southern China.

Expatriate occupations in China.

In the last several years, the work market for foreigners in China has seen a dramatic shift. Teaching English as a foreign language is in high demand, as seen by the large number of expats who work in the area. Foreign employees are becoming more frequent, and there are significant needs for competent accountants, financial analysts, and managers in the financial services industry.

This country may be a good fit for expats with technical (IT, manufacturing), financial (CPA, CIMA, GAAP), or international marketing talents. There is nearly always a need for fluency in the Chinese language.

Every foreigner living in China should be aware of these realities.

In China, you will always be forced to sign a contract in both English and Chinese. You should always get contracts translated into Chinese before signing them because if there is a disagreement, the Chinese version will take priority.

While healthcare is widely accessible in the cities. It is possible that some rural clinics may refuse to treat foreigners. Check with the local hospitals in advance and make sure you know where to go in the case of an accident or medical emergency.

Many public hospitals in China do not take foreign medical insurance, so you'll need to obtain a local policy.

Generally speaking, in China, you cannot pay using a check or a checkbook.

It is very recommended for foreigners living in China to take photos of their goods and furnishings in the event that they are stolen or misplaced.

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