How to hire employees in China

The best technique to hire people in China must be carefully considered after you have decided to grow your company and begin recruiting in China. This includes concerns such as how the interview process works in China, how to find the best local personnel, and how to assure complete compliance with China's employment rules.

Interviews for jobs

However, there are significant distinctions to be aware of while doing job interviews to find the best candidates in China, compared to North America or Europe.

It's time to say hello.

To begin a meeting, it is customary for the two parties to shake hands and say their names. However, a quick bow between the two parties is not unusual.

naming the players

When introducing oneself, it is customary to begin with the surname of the person being introduced. In addition, interviewers and employers should specify their titles (e.g. "Managing Director"). Keep in mind that asking a potential hire how to pronounce their name is totally fine;


Interviews often begin with a series of broad questions (e.g., what brings the applicant to China, if from outside the country). Before going on to inquiries about the position, this 'breaks the ice.' In addition, keep in mind that personal queries are fairly commonplace in interviews.


Both parties should shake hands at the end of the interview and the interviewer should tell when they may anticipate a decision to be communicated.

After the interview

If the interview went well, and you're ready to go on with the recruiting process, here are some things to keep in mind:

Posing an offer

It is possible that the applicant is also interviewing with other firms and has already received an offer/s from one of them. Your organization's interview process and job offer should be efficient and appealing in order to entice "the right" applicant to choose your company over your competitors, if you believe it is a good fit.

The candidate's time of notice

Depending on the role, this might go up to six months in certain firms. Your organization may need to rule out candidates with a lengthy notice period in order to fill an available position quickly.

An agreement of non-competition/non-compete

Non-compete agreements with present employers are common, which prevents job seekers from working for a rival. If you're a competition, you'll have to be cautious if you want to hire a candidate like that.

Streamline the process of distributing job offers.

A counteroffer is possible, so be prepared. The applicant will deliver his present employer a resignation letter after receiving a job offer, and there is a good chance that his current employer will attempt to persuade him/her to remain there.

Etiquette in the workplace in general

While working in the Chinese workplace, there are a few cultural differences to keep in mind.


In China, employees are expected to show up on time for work and meetings. The prevailing consensus, on the other hand, is that traffic and difficult addresses may cause people to be genuinely late for appointments. Because of this, employers need to keep an eye out for excused tardiness, and they should be willing to be lenient.


Dressing modestly is essential in Chinese culture, where humility is highly valued. As a rule of thumb, males should wear black suits and ties, while women should wear conventional business dress.

Protecting "Face"

Chinese employers place a premium on candidates who can maintain their "honor" while also earning the respect of their own family and peers. This entails maintaining a professional demeanor and keeping one's emotions under check at all times at work.

Hours of work

Working hours must be specified in a contract of employment that complies with legal requirements and may not be increased beyond those allowed by law (usually 44 hours). Workers may linger in the workplace until their supervisors leave for the day, which is something employers should be aware of.


On average, people take a one-to-two-hour lunch break. A sleep is a frequent pastime for Chinese coworkers after their lunch break.

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