How much does an ESL teacher make in China?

Interested in learning how much money you can make in China teaching English? It's a good idea to know what your teaching in China pay will be before you start selling your possessions, closing up business, and turning out the lights back home. The average Chinese English teacher pay is 12,000RMB at the time of this writing. The truth is, there are several variables that might affect your revenue, including...

What effect does your workplace have on your pay?

If you work as an English teacher in China's countryside, you may expect your pay to match the area's cost of living. If you're looking for a teaching position outside of the main cities like Beijing or Shanghai, you'll have to expect to make less money. This is the norm, and it's likely that the comparable pay earnings in your native nation are quite recognizable to you. Though your expenditures are lower, even if your official offer is lower, you may save more money.

In what ways does your work title affect your pay as an ESL teacher in China?

As you'll see below, there are four main job placements for ESL instructors in China that you should be aware of before you begin your job search:

Private tutoring services are available for between RMB200 and RMB350 per hour.

Monthly tuition for public schools is between 10,000 and 13,000 RMB.

Monthly tuition for language schools in China is from 10,000 to 13,000 RMB.

Colleges and universities: 5,000-8,000RMB each month

Monthly tuition for international schools is between 17,000 and 20,000 RMB.

Universities (where teaching hours seldom surpass 20 per week) and foreign institutions pay the best on average. Because of the high demand for these occupations and the high level of certification and experience they normally need, the job market is fierce. There are plenty of jobs at public schools and language institutions, and they pay well.

However, if you can obtain teaching positions in China before starting a private tutoring business, you'll have more freedom and opportunities to get these lucrative side gigs, which are more difficult to arrange before moving to China.

Aspects outside of your control that influence your take-home income

Do you go out all the time? Evening classes at language institutions provide a lot of flexibility, which you'll like. What about your meals? Do you like to spend on high-end western cuisine at every opportunity? Adding more private tutoring courses might help you augment your income. If you're a China teacher, keep in mind that various positions have advantages and disadvantages (like as working long hours or having a large class), and that might affect your pay. In China, you should expect lower salary and more casual ESL teaching employment if you desire less of a 9-5 commitment.

While your take-home income may be lower than the typical "English teacher in China salary" you'll find online, you must also consider the benefits that come with your compensation package. Is housing and/or travel expenses reimbursed as part of the job? During the week, will the school provide you with complimentary meals? Also, what about free Mandarin classes?

The total value of all of these might easily compensate for the loss of direct bank deposit revenue. Make a decision on the most significant aspects of your experience, and let it guide your thoughts about how much money you make as an English teacher in China.

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