Getting Extra Income while Interning in China

Due to restrictions on the sorts of visas interns are granted, internships in China are either paid or unpaid; nevertheless, interns who choose unpaid internships still have the opportunity to earn supplemental money. If you are detected using the improper visa for a certain purpose, you run the danger of being deported, fined, and blacklisted (or marked and barred). Instead, firms are permitted by law to pay interns with stipends that may or may not be sufficient to cover the whole cost of the China Internship, including insurance, transportation, and food.

If the internship host provides lodging for its interns, such as dorms or flats for its employees, then the housing costs may be covered. If their offices are located farther outside of town, certain companies may provide shuttle services. Larger corporations often provide lunch from the cafeteria, whereas smaller ones may provide a daily lunch money. Additional perks for Chinese workers include being paid to travel to and from work, as well as getting a certain amount of money to spend on meals during overtime.

There are several legal methods to make up for the expense of your internship in China, regardless of the firm you work for or the perks they provide. We've laid down a couple of them here:

While interning in China, consider living with a local family.

If your work doesn't cover your rent, one option for saving money is to live with a Chinese family. Homestays are a great way to save money while experiencing a new culture; in return for helping teach the host family's kids your language, you may stay in your own room and eat with the family every day.

Procure and peddle items native to your nation (dai gou)

Research what products and services your nation offers that are unavailable in China or that sell for a premium there if you have extra room in your baggage. Browse the help needed postings in the online city guide community of the city you plan to visit. Americans may bring gadgets or luxury products that are popular with both expats and natives in China, whereas a Finn would bring dried blueberries, vitamins, and snuff. Please don't bring in too much, since additional fees may be assessed by customs. You should be able to persuade them that you have brought presents for the Chinese you will be meeting as long as the total worth of your things is less than RMB 6,000. (standard custom).

Take part in voice-over sessions and auditions

You may be able to record your voice or put it through its paces in a variety of technological environments in some cities. Companies often advertise for native speakers of a target language to voice characters in dubbed media, read textbooks, or serve as test subjects for new software and apps. Such openings do not qualify as employment since they are rare and may only be taken advantage of while certain initiatives are active.

Freelance for a China-related publication or write for your local paper

If writing is something you're interested in doing, you may try to get published about your time in China in your home country's media, and maybe even be paid for it. Again, depending on the location you're in, China has a wealth of local media to whom you may present your story ideas. Unfortunately, most of the publications are written in English, and payment varies depending on whether the piece will appear in print, online, or social media.

Privately tutor others in your native tongue online or through a mobile app

Work as a private tutor in Chinese does not qualify as employment under Chinese law if it is done without going through an agency. There are several platforms available now that provide online language programs taught by independent teachers from all over the globe. Only a laptop and access to the internet are needed for these courses. Apps are available in major cities like Beijing that link native speakers with people who are interested in learning that language, typically via less traditional techniques more similar to language exchange. In app-based interactions, you may negotiate your own hourly fee, choose the people with whom you like to interact, and select the subjects over which you wish to converse. Teachers in China may expect to earn a relatively high income.

Try your hand at selling photographs you've taken in China

You may document your travels via photographs if you have a good camera and an eye for composition. After that, you may edit and bundle your images to sell to media outlets (in China or back home), package it along with a written piece, or submit it to resource websites.

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