Facts about Living in China

Expatriate life in China offers a distinct perspective on the country's diverse culture. It might be difficult for an expat to become used to life in China. However, there are a lot of fascinating things to discover about life in China. It's right here!

Using a Pair of Chopsticks

If you're an expat in China, you'll immediately discover that chopsticks are the major dining tool. Mixing tea, stirring a hot pot, and rearranging grilled food on a barbeque are all alternative uses for chopsticks. To hold chopsticks correctly, the top third should be clasped by the thumb and fingers while resting on the palm.

When putting them back on the table, cross the top chopstick over the bottom one-third of the chopstick if you need to hold them in a different position. To avoid resembling a funeral, never put your chopsticks in a bowl of rice upright.

It's Hard to Find Toilet Paper

You may be perplexed as to how the Chinese manage without toilet paper when you first read of its rarity in the country. A newcomer to China as an expat will immediately learn that when it comes to releasing oneself, everything goes. A little roll of toilet paper is usually provided by big hotels, but at local restaurants and public facilities, it is almost always absent.

Asking a nearby restaurant for a roll of toilet paper if you're running low is a typical occurrence. Besides that, there are a slew of creative ways to clean oneself, such as using a water bottle or a bidet, or even a newspaper or magazine.

The Importance of Good Business Etiquette

In order to prevent upsetting or generating irregularities, it is important to observe good etiquette while doing business in China. When shaking hands with strangers, wait for them to put their hands out before doing so. Also, while shaking hands, two hands should be used, and it is advisable to keep your hand lower than the others so as not to look overbearing.

No one should be singled out in a big gathering since doing so might be seen as favoritism or insulting. As long as you and your partner cannot agree on how the transaction will be carried out, remember that business is all about transactions and negotiations.

There aren't any free refills available.

Soft drinks and beer are often offered by the bottle in China, as they are in the United States. Nevertheless, expats rapidly learn that there are no free refills in China. If you want a drink while you're in China, you'll have to pay for each one separately or buy many at a time to save money.

Gratuities are not expected.

To begin with, you'll immediately learn that there are no free refills and that tipping is not anticipated in China as it is elsewhere. However, tipping might be insulting to the locals, so it's better to leave modest change or offer the money discreetly if you do wish to leave one.

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