Create a Great Classroom When Teaching in China

An great English as a Second Language instructor has exceptional flexibility; regardless of where they take their class, they are able to modify the available resources so that they are appropriate for the instruction of each class.

The following is an overview of various supplementary resources that may be used in the classroom to help make English instruction in China more effective.


Words are often easier to retain for younger students when they are paired with images. For instance, you may bring a deck of cards depicting various school supplies (including desks, chairs, podiums, and whiteboards) and ask students to locate the things that match to the cards.

When working with older students, you may ask them to construct sentences using the words on the card, such as "There is a ceramic cup on the table."

Classes may be energized via the use of music, and there is a plethora of high-quality musical materials readily available online. Before the start of class, it might be helpful to play a lyrical piano tune to calm youngsters who are excessively eager. Additionally, listening to music may be a highly useful tool for educational purposes.

You may play some nursery rhymes or other songs with a slow tempo or that are straightforward and easy for children in the lower grades. Then, you can urge the students to pay close attention while you play the songs so that they can identify the important words.

For more advanced students, you may challenge them to discover the English words that are missing and fill in the blanks in the lyrics, or you might give them the opportunity to figure out what the songs mean on their own.


You shouldn't sit down with your students and watch "Star Wars" for the entirety of the class, of course, but you can use editing software to cut out interesting segments from the movie, or you can directly drag the progress bar to the segment you want, which will be a great help to assist students in learning English. This will be a great help to assist students in learning English. You may assign your pupils in-class cosplays and dubbing about movies, or you could have them circle idioms that they hear in the lines of a text.

There are books and newspapers.

Young children are usually drawn to storybooks that are full of cute illustrations, so you can lead them to read the stories in the book together. For students who are more advanced, you can ask them to read English newspapers, such as the Wall Street Journal, to search for target words or slang, or you can just ask them to express their opinions on one piece of news. Storybooks full of cute illustrations are usually attractive to young children.


The students will never stop being interested in learning more about their epact instructors. Because the majority of people do not know anything about your history, you should capitalize on this fact. Display the photographs you've taken of your hometown in front of the class. Either challenge the students of lower ability to identify the things shown in the picture, or challenge those of higher ability to invent a narrative based on what they see. Not only does this technique sate the inquisitiveness of pupils, but it also gives them the opportunity to study English in an active and joyful manner.

In a nutshell, nobody like being stressed out when they are teaching abroad. It is possible for ESL instructors to build wonderful classrooms for their students by developing certain teaching skills in preparation, which will also guarantee that they are able to manage "troublesome" teaching circumstances.

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