Can Non Natives Teach in China?

In China, English instructors are in high demand, and many earn substantial wages and perks. Is it still possible to work in China as a non-native English speaker? Is this possible? At the very least, the Ukrainian you have on WeChat seems to be doing well.

English Teaching jobs in China are many, as you'll see when you peruse the openings on our site (over 80,000 at the time of writing). The word "native speaker" is almost always stated as a criterion on these job postings. What can you do as a non-native English speaker to overcome this apparently insurmountable barrier?

It's really not that tough.

As a matter of fact, how is your English? "Your" and "Youre" are two distinct words, but can you tell the difference? Can you tip your cowboy hat elegantly and say "howdy" at the same time? Yes, I can say "tortoise." Unless you're Nikolaj from Murmansk, you'll have to pretend you're Nick from Manhattan. A non-native English teacher in China who can answer yes to most of the following questions has the potential to be a successful one.

Even if you're joking, you may get job as an English instructor in China if your English is strong enough. There was a deliberate error in this sentence.) In case you missed it, you may want to rethink your career choice.)

An annoying myth holds that English language schools in China are mainly interested in the skin color of their foreign instructors, and that the lighter the teacher's skin tone, the better. However, this is not totally accurate. Teaching jobs in China may be difficult to come by if your English isn't great but you have fair skin. Nick from Manhattan, but with dark complexion, may acquire a job if they see how excellent of a professional you are. Similarly.

Don't let the word "requirements" scare you away.

Firstly, do you need to meet all of the specified qualifications in order to apply for the Tongzhou kindergarten job? No, and you, the agency, and even the kindergartner all know it.

If you're looking for a high-end training facility, the scenario may be different since they have greater criteria. As long as your English is up to snuff, you can get by.

As a general rule, avoid using the line "I'm not a native speaker, BUT –" in your cover letter. Let the interviewer know if you have any questions. The fact that they can't predict your country based on your English level and accent proves that you've done it well.

Don't list your nationality on your CV if you're looking to work in China as an English teacher from a non-English speaking country.

overcoming the obstacles that stand in one's way

If you're seeking for a teaching post in China, keep in mind that you'll almost always begin the process with an agent rather than the school itself.

You may anticipate WeChat friend requests from weird names like PerfectLady000022 and Lingg784r5634 if your CV and cover letter are free of spelling problems. They are the agents, not the bots. After saying "Hi," you should expect to hear the following questions:

Is this where you are now?

What is your current visa status?

How much do you anticipate to earn?

They may also ask for a copy of your passport if you claim to be a native speaker. As a non-native speaker, you should anticipate to be asked a follow-up question: can you give me a video introduction?

This is so that the agent can determine whether your command of the English language is sufficient to allow you access to the school. Because these agents are paid a commission, they will select out poor applications in order to increase their chances of a commission.

Let the right job find you!

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