Can an Indian teach English in China?

Indian English instructors often approach us with inquiries about teaching opportunities overseas and whether countries have openings. Indians are fluent in English as a result of the country's two centuries of British colonial control. English and Hindi are the two official languages of India now. There are other 21 regional languages spoken there. There are many Indians who speak two languages well, especially those of British ancestry or who went to English-medium foreign schools.

Some nations and businesses do not consider Indian English instructors to be 'native English speaking teachers,' yet many Indians have English as a first language, and there are job possibilities for Indian English teachers all over the globe. In our initial teaching position in Thailand, we worked with an Indian instructor, and we've subsequently worked with others in Vietnam, Spain, and China.

In which countries may Indian English instructors get employment as teachers?

Many of the positions advertised on job boards and on social media are located in China. Only citizens of the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa are eligible for a Z visa in China to teach English. Because these are the most common job postings, it may seem that Indian English instructors looking to teach overseas have no other alternatives.

However, only a few nations place visa restrictions on those who want to teach English abroad. The same is true of Taiwan and South Korea, but not of the rest of the world.

What opportunities exist for an Indian English instructor to work outside of India?

I'll defer to the men who have gone before you for guidance on that one. The bottom line is that Indian instructors may work overseas provided they have a sufficient command of the English language and meet other requirements. CEFR C2 - IELTS 8.0 or above is what I mean by the correct English level. It will be very difficult if not impossible without it. According to the information provided below, individuals with a Cambridge CELTA or a Trinity cert TESOL will have the greatest chances since these courses involve assessments of the teaching practices of actual students.

Describe your experience as a teacher of English overseas.

This may be looked at from both directions. Non-native teachers have particular challenges in finding work overseas. That's just right, in my opinion! But it's not out of the question.

Get two to three years of full-time teaching experience if you can. This may be anywhere you reside or work is available. With a DELTA or TYLEC and two to three years of experience, your chances of landing a job overseas are excellent.

Some students enroll in the CELTA with the hope of flying away, but reality frequently differs from the fantasy. If you're an Indian, your options are limited in Europe, the United States, and Canada. In reality, many natives of these nations leave to work as English instructors in other countries. As a result, imagine what you can do!

This is some excellent guidance. Indian instructors often inquire about CELTA as a means of moving to a country like Canada, the United States, or the United Kingdom, but this isn't actually a method for individuals of any nationality to get access to the right to work in such countries. There is a pre-requisite that you already have permission to work there.

Instead, nations in the Gulf, the Middle East, and East Asia, such as Vietnam and China in the past, have excellent job opportunities. Some occupations and nations only allow applicants who are native speakers to apply. It's also pointless for me to engage in conflict with them. Also, East Asia and the Middle East are fantastic destinations. And it's a lot of money!

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