Best Way to Learn Mandarin

To prepare for a trip to China, will it be beneficial for you to learn Chinese Mandarin before you arrive? Assuming this is the case, you'll be surprised (and relieved) to realize that the process is far simpler than you anticipated.

Because even a tiny degree of comprehension in Mandarin may aid a great deal, even those who think learning the language is impossible or very difficult are wrong. Despite the fact that others may portray it as an insurmountable obstacle.

After deciding to pursue Chinese studies, these advice and resources may be of use to you.

By focusing on the basics, you can build a solid foundation.

If you're learning a new skill or pastime, it's necessary to spend some time becoming comfortable with the basics first. There are no advanced subjects without knowing these essentials, which are the building blocks of the language. The four basic tones, pinyin, and grammatical rules are all part of this curriculum.

In terms of timbres,

There is a distinct sharpness and flatness to the initial tone. No pitch or inflection can be discerned in the tone (think of a high monotone, essentially).

The second tone has a rising pitch to it. It would sound like someone asking, "What?" in English-style intonation. There is a happy ending to the piece.

The third tone has a varying pitch, similar to how a letter is spoken in English or other languages (such as spelling something out to someone). Alternatively, it might begin in the middle and ascend, or it may begin in the middle and descend.

The fourth tone is a lower one than the other three. It's the same as saying "okay" in response to someone's comment to recognize them. High notes give way to low ones as the song progresses.

In Mandarin Chinese, there are a variety of tones. This isn't that out of place, is it?


Although Pinyin may seem foreign to those learning Chinese, the fact that it is frequently spelled out can be a huge help when trying to sound out words. Pinyin refers to the sound of a word or phrase written in Roman script.

Similar to how phonetic spellings work, think of it in this manner. Reading Roman numerals and understanding how they are pronounced are all that is required here. There is no doubt that the effort is worthwhile, even if it takes some time.


The majority of individuals cringe when they think about grammar, but you don't need to be concerned with issues such as conjugations, number or subject agreement, or even tense in this case.

When putting up a sentence, one tends to concentrate more on the concepts of subject and classifiers as well as preferences, none of which have a direct translation into English.

Contemplating the big picture

You'll discover that you can go more quickly and easily if you devote some time and energy to mastering each of these fundamental language elements. This is due to the fact that you already have the foundational knowledge in place.

Additionally, taking the language in small bites often means that you'll feel more comfortable learning phrases or words because you'll be familiar with how to pronounce a word that you otherwise wouldn't be familiar with. This is because taking the language in small bites is similar to eating an elephant bit by bit.

When children are taught to read in school, one of the reasons they are instructed to "sound it out" is because of this! When it comes to learning Chinese, despite how frustrating it can first be, it might end up being a very helpful factor in the long run.

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