Average Salary In China Per Month

If you're serious about making some money, you should check into some of the highest paying occupations in China that are open to foreigners. China is today's equivalent of the United States 120 years ago: a place to make your (financial) dreams come true. Consider some of the highest paying careers available to expats in China.

Taking a Look at Compensation vs Real Life

Here are some things to keep in mind while negotiating your wage in China if you currently have a job there but feel like you should be making more money. However, there are two things to think about if you are contemplating a move to China for job or a career change:

The financial package (if any)

The likelihood of your getting the job

It is common knowledge that the compensation expectations of an employer have a direct correlation with the difficulty of obtaining the position. That's because a higher income is often tied to qualifications like an excellent or extremely specialized education, substantial job experience, or a strong portfolio.

Educational Admission Ticket

There were up to ten English teaching positions listed for every other kind of employment I saw on the site. With such a high need for English instructors, it shouldn't be hard to get work in China as an educator. Pay increases because of increased competition for qualified educators. To sum up, China is a great country to teach English in.

In fact, I counted up the average monthly salaries of all foreign workers in China and discovered they all hover around 20,000 RMB. As with many things in China, whether you consider this a high or poor pay depends on your perspective, experience, and level of education. But bear in mind that the cost of living and taxes in China are far cheaper than in the West.

Specialized teaching in public schools or taking a position within the school management, as a curriculum designer or principal, for example, is perhaps the best line of work for foreigners in China, as jobs in this sector are relatively easy to obtain and pay a competitive salary (even by international standards). These positions often need relevant work experience, which may be gained via a standard teaching position.

Specialized instructors and school administrators in China may expect to earn an average of 35,000 to 45,000 RMB per year, not including incentives and perks like free housing.

Highest point

Focusing on developing your basketball abilities or coming up with a highly unique company concept will put you in a position to get a high-paying, high-status job in China and maybe even earn that fabled Chinese green card.

However, unlike in the West, starting a business in China is not a walk in the park. Many more opportunities may exist, particularly for startups, but the intractable Chinese rules and the very real chance that you're pouring all your wealth into a black hole with Chinese features should make you pause before taking the leap. Even in the contemporary Chinese self-made man utopia, failure as an entrepreneur is not tolerated well.

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