Average Salary In China In Us Dollars

In spite of the hugeness of China as both a population and an economic superpower, and the challenge of getting hold of an accurate calculation of their average wage payments in United States currency, there are still effective figures that can give a fair idea of what is seemingly the salary of the typical Chinese worker in US dollars.

The China Employment Trends Center conducted an analysis concerning the wages earned in China's cities and the bottom line was that the mean payment a person could expect per month was 6,231 Chinese Renminbi (around $930 American bucks). Compared to many countries in the world, the numbers are not exactly rivaling the competition, but the growth is still strong and they keep doing the numerical dance higher and higher with each passing year.

Although city wages in China may appear to be higher, it's a different story in the countryside. The China Statistical Yearbook did some research about rural incomes, and what did they discover? The average monthly salary for 2019 was 3,103 RMB, which translates to about US$465. Don't be fooled by more lucrative cities; the wages in the rural parts of the country are much lower--almost half of that of urban areas.

Minimum wage

Alongside the already very generous salary figures, the Chinese government sets certain policy when it comes to wages, having a different standard in each area. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security reported that, across the country, the average minimal wage is, on the present day, 2,420 RMB (US$360) per month. This pay is the set lowest figure by law and it provides an interesting contrast to demonstrate the disparities between country and city wages.

Discrepancies In Wages

The US dollar salary figures, while they offer an insight into the average wage in China, there's actually pretty large disparities across the country. When it comes to wages, there are sure places that pay more, largely due to higher living costs, as well as being in more demand for certain types of labor. That said, even with generally lower wages, certain cities - for instance Beijing and Shanghai - have higher salaries, this due to their more higher cost of living.

Expectations For The Future

Wages in China are anticipated to continue to climb as the nation becomes further integrated into the global economy. This trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Wages in China are now lower than those in other global economies; however, it is expected that as the country's economy and infrastructure continues to improve, so too will wages in China. Today, wages in China are lower than those in other global economies.

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