Am I Eligible to teach in China in 2021?

The qualifications for teaching English in China in 2021 are simple. Unless, of course, they aren't. The qualifying conditions for becoming a foreign teacher are often misunderstood, particularly because there are several exceptions to the norm. However, the issue will be significantly more complicated in 2021 (due to COVID!).

What is the most important prerequisite for teaching English in China in 2021?


The most important criterion for teaching in China is to have a valid Z-Visa in your passport. This is the only sort of visa that permits you to legally work in the nation. This implies that people who want to teach English in China must meet the visa criteria.

In this regard, becoming permitted to teach in China is deceptively straightforward. You may teach if you have a Z Visa. Easy!

Eligibility Criteria for Teaching English in China

To get a Z visa, you must meet specific requirements, which range from nationality and age to credentials and a few other crucial details. It's critical to understand that many of the principles outlined here have exceptions. We'll go through all of them at the conclusion of the tutorial for clarity and simplicity of sharing.

The following are the key Z Visa requirements:

1. Your Country of Origin

You must be a citizen of one of the seven authorized countries: the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa.

China has declared that only nationals from these seven nations may teach English to their pupils and speak English proficiently. Yes, we realize that it doesn't always work that way, but let's be honest: it's their home, their rules.

2. You must be fluent in English.

This one is closely related to the first rule, and it makes more sense, right? If you wish to teach English to Chinese pupils, you need be fluent in the language.

3. You must have a Bachelor's degree or above.

China has also chosen that it wants a certain foreign teacher - one with a Bachelor's Degree – to serve there. The important news is that the degree may be in any topic. It does not have to be related to teaching or English in any way.

Do you have a Bachelor's Degree in Creating Animals from Inflatable Balloons? If your degree is recognized in your own country, you may teach English in China!

4. You must have a recognized and authorized TEFL – Teach English as a Foreign Language – certification.

One of the essential criteria for teaching English in China in 2021 is a TEFL* certificate. This is best obtained online via one of the numerous organizations that provide world-class courses. TEFL certification is cheaply priced and is the ideal first step towards a rewarding teaching profession anywhere in the globe.

5. A CLEAR Criminal Background Check from your own nation is required.

China does not want any hardened foreign criminals in its midst, which is understandable. To apply for a Z Visa, you must provide a Criminal Record (commonly known as a Police Check) demonstrating that you have no priors.

Don't be concerned about small infractions: they're only searching for a genuine criminal record.

6. You must be between the ages of 18 and 60 (men) and 55 (women) (women)

Because this is the working-age group for Chinese instructors, international employees must follow these rules as well.

Chinese schools will be pretty direct about the age range they want. They will often look for instructors who are at least 25 years old (particularly if they want teachers with a lot of expertise in the industry) and no older than 45.

It might even be less for kindergartens, as they attempt to filter for things like energy levels and so forth.

If you are between the ages of 25 and 45, you should inquire about a school's age requirement as soon as feasible. Because not everyone mentions it in their job application, this is an excellent approach to ensure you're not wasting your time.

7. You must pass two medical examinations.

China wants to make sure you are physically and mentally competent to teach in the nation. Primarily, the nation wishes to guarantee that applicants do not unintentionally introduce diseases into the country.

The medical examination will test not just for general health but also for HIV, hepatitis, and TB.

The initial Medical Examination is normally conducted when you apply for your Z Visa, thus you must go via a licensed medical institution in your home country. The second medical examination will take place as soon as you arrive in China.

If you read anywhere else that you can have your medical check in China after you depart, it was most likely correct at the time of publishing. That, like so many other things in 2021, has changed. You now need two medical examinations.

Don't worry: your employer in China will walk you through the procedure.

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